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Ken receives award from NSW Minister for Tourism
The Australian Attractions team was proud to have Ken Corbett win the ‘Outstanding Contribution by an individual for NSW’ at the 2014 Tourism Awards. Here he is receiving the award from the then NSW Minister of Tourism. Congratulations, Ken!

Australia team

Ken Corbett

Ken Corbett

Ken is a strong strategic planner and is one of the acknowledged experts of inbound tourism in Australia.

Ken was, for 11 years, an Executive in the International Offices of the Australian Tourist Commission (now Tourism Australia) marketing ‘Brand Australia’ in key origin markets. He then spent six years at the senior level of major hotel marketing, including Four Seasons Australia, The Nikko Hotel Sydney and Mirvac Hotels.

Ken spent two years as General Manager Marketing of the Sydney Aquarium, building it to Sydney’s most popular inbound attraction. In 1995 he established Australian Attractions, pioneering the concept of specialist outsourced assistance for tourism organisations seeking international tourists.

Ken is the immediate past Chairman of the Tourism Industry Council of NSW, having served in that role for 6 years — representing over 7000 suppliers and around 150,000 of their employees. Ken remains a Councillor of the Tourism Division of the Business Chamber, the new home of TICNSW. Ken has established contacts throughout the senior ranks of Tourism in NSW and the country.

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Louize Godlonton

Louize Godlonton

As our Director of Sales and Marketing — South East Asia, Indian, day tour and Western markets for the past twenty-five years, Louize is extraordinarily knowledgeable in the inbound market and has strong proven sales, organizational and computer skills.

Louize has participated as a seller at the past twenty Australian Tourism Exchanges. She undertakes regular sales missions with Tourism Victoria, Destination NSW, Tourism Australia and also solo to the South Asian, Indian, US and UK/European markets. Louize turns these missions into successful sales figures for operators.

Louize brings her exemplary planning and operational abilities to tourism events. Her tireless and personal involvement with Australian Attractions product ensures success. Her intelligent, thoughtful and enthusiastic commitment to selling tourist attractions to the world translates to excellent sales.

Louize is also a qualified, fully trained Life Coach and a Justice of the Peace. Her joyful, positive approach to life and her personal integrity shine through in the world of tourism marketing.

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Simon Williamson

Simon Williamson

Simon Williamson is one of Australia’s best-connected and most experienced sellers of inbound tourism sales and marketing, particularly in the North Asian market.

For the past 15 years he has worked in the Australian tourism industry, primarily as Group Sales Director of the Sydney Aquarium group.

Before moving to Australia he worked with a Japanese inbound company and spent another six years working in both Japan and Hong Kong. He has a Masters degree in International Relations.

Simon’s speciality is the fast growing Asian market and he spends considerable time each year selling overseas for our clients.

He is a multilingual, dynamic and exceedingly charming operator. His rare and highly desirable depth of experience, along with his breadth of contacts, deliver outstanding results for our clients.

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China team

Nathan Hou

Nathan Hou

Nathan heads our China team, and is a Director of Australian Attractions.

Nathan grew up in Beijing, where his parents run a business, and where he completed a business degree before going into media sales.

Nathan says he was drawn to Australia because it seemed to be a society with fewer rules and regulations, and he arrived in Sydney in 2008. He then completed a Master of Accounting at UTS and worked as a contractor with a number of Sydney-based Chinese language publications and websites, and in direct marketing. Nathan is a Mandarin speaker with excellent English skills.

Nathan supports Simon in the North Asian markets, with a natural focus on our largest market, China. He also work across the Chinese diaspora throughout Asia and here in Australia. Nathan has in-depth knowledge of the social media used by Chinese travellers (including Weibo and WeChat) and the graphic styles that work best in the Asian world.

Together we can deploy his skills to expand our reach into the travel trade and open new sales channels to younger Asian travellers.

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Jojo Chang

Jojo Chang

Jojo joined the team in December 2017 and is based in Sydney. She is an experienced sales executive in the Greater China inbound market to Australia.

Jojo has been involved in many of the large incentive groups to visit Australia from China and is a fully accredited guide.

She brings to the company great expertise in FIT, post-arrival and online sales channels.

Adrian Lin

Adrian Lin

Adrian Lin is based in Guangzhou and primarily covers Southern China, including the major cities of Shenzhen and Hong Kong. He can also travel to other key locations when required, as does our Shanghai based BDM, Cecilia Chen.

Adrian grew up in Guangzhou. He completed a Bachelor of Business Administration at Monash University, Melbourne. With relatives living in Melbourne, he is excited to be working for an Australian business.

Since returning to China, Adrian has worked in the tourism industry. He helped Club Med develop retail business in South China. In the two years before accepting our offer, he covered Southern China with the Hong Kong Tourist Board, helping it grow FIT and cruise business into Hong Kong.

Adrian already maintains a good relationship with agents and OTAs, and is looking forward to extending that for Australia Attractions clients.

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