Australian Attractions and China

China middle kingdom charactersChina is Australia’s top market for inbound tourism. As we predicted four years beforehand, the annual number of Chinese visitors broke the million mark in 2015. By December 2017, it had reached 1.4 million. With air seat capacity between China and Australia growing strongly, we’re likely to see two million Chinese arrivals by 2022 or sooner.

Australian Attractions first visited China to promote our tourism clients in 1998, and correctly discerned the potential from that extraordinary country. As then Tourism Australia CEO Andrew McEvoy said in 2011, ‘We have spent 12 years becoming an overnight success in China’. We at Australian Attractions feel the same way.

China is a complex market. It is far more than Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Its extraordinary size, both geographically and in population, makes it many markets, with significant regional differences. We understand these regions and their differences and are able to work these markets very cost-effectively.

Our clients now benefit from our years of hard work in China. You can, too. Call us to learn how Australian Attractions can help market your tourism products to China, Sydney and Melbourne’s number one inbound tourism market.

Chinese social media

China’s language (and the very limited use of English) makes for a fairly closed Internet system. Strict management of the Internet by the Chinese Government further proscribes access to worldwide sites. The Chinese firewall, as it is known, has ensured that normal mass sites for travel like Tripadvisor and Viator are not accessible. Google has no footprint in China and the major search engine in China is called Baidu. Twitter and Facebook are also proscribed, and Chinese developed alternatives have emerged. The two major ones are Sina Weibo (normally referred to as simply Weibo) and WeChat. Both Apps are used to reach people in China and by Chinese visitors once in Australia. It is not easy to define the two apps but essentially Weibo is a broadcast medium and WeChat is more narrowcast and used by friends in closed groups.

We are happy to further detail use of Chinese social media to reach the inbound market both before they leave and once in Australia. Costs vary according to the targeted outcomes and the work is labour intensive. Using Chinese social media also requires an understanding of Chinese culture and the best way to generate interest in Social Media.

Our China market expert is highly skilled at generating contacts with both Chinese apps. Through innovative communications ideas and execution, we have delivered our client Scenic World Blue Mountains the highest number of Weibo followers for any attraction in Australia, beating even the Opera House and BridgeClimb. This for an attraction that is two hours from Sydney.

Australian Attractions has a Beijing office, to assist in our social media work and maintain a program that is cost effective for our clients.

We also produce websites in China that are not simply translations but are effective communication in Chinese of the messages that our clients want to convey — like that of Scenic World (below).

Scenic World localised website for China