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Australian Attractions Pty Ltd is a Sydney and Melbourne based company providing specialist inbound tourism counsel and assistance to:

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Australian Attractions’ expertise in inbound sales has survived the two year shut-out of the inbound visitor economy. We are back, working harder than ever.

2022 proved to be false start for many markets — Japan and China specifically — and there was slow growth in critical airline capacity from Asia.

Our expert sales executives have already visited key travel industry players in Singapore and South Korea, Japan, USA, and the UK and Europe.

Our expert sales executives have already visited key travel industry players in China (3 times in 2023) India, Singapore (2 times), Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia, USA, and the UK and Europe.

Japan was the second to last major market to open up, in September 2022. In November of ’23 it is still a very slow market. Despite this, airline capacity is very good between Japan and Australia.

South Korea is the inbound market for 2023 and many Sydney based ITOs are competing for the Korean inbound market to Australia. Sydney and the Gold Coast are favoured destinations.

China, as we predicted mid last year, opened in 2023 — earlier than we had thought — on 8 January. However ADS approval did not come until August and only in late ’23 are we seeing growth of regular leisure tourism. We retained our official business structure in China (not easy, as it turned out) and we have re-engaged with the unique firewalled Chinese social media and internet search engines.

Ask us if you want real on-the-ground expertise at a genuine low cost.

Over the two years of almost total disruption to inbound visitation, Australian Attractions kept its databases up to date, made sure that travel companies have accurate trade rates in their systems, and participated in every feasible online event. In the post COVID restart we have been even busier, with actual face-to-face contact and ensuring that clients’ rates are up-to-date with the Trade distribution channels.

We are experts on the major origin markets of:

If you have found yourself unsure of the way forward in the export tourism market, or now feel you lack the expertise needed to reboot the business of hosting international tourists, please contact me on 0414 904 746 or email

After a period that has been like no other in my fifty years of inbound tourism work, may I wish everyone a strong restart and best wishes for 2023.

Ken Corbett
Founder, Australian Attractions
February ’23